Data Collection and Data Mining

We collect patient, provider, billing, admission and insurance data from a number of existing systems and organize the information onto a single high powered database server.   We then develop paper reports, spreadsheets and dashboards to present summarized data to users, and finally data cubes to help team leaders analyze and mine the data.

Patient Assignments

A Patient Reconciliation screen is used to allocate providers to patients at the start of each day.   The user selects a team for each patient and then selects from a list of providers and attendings who have been scheduled for that team.  The screen has summary sections to aid users in their work.  A section of the screen also displays the current hospital census.  It also has a link to an Emergency Room screen so that patients can be moved into other parts of the hospital and tracked.

We have designed a Consult Reconciliation screen similar to the Patient Reconciliation screen but used for consults as well as primary providers.

Insurance Reconciliation

An Insurance Reconciliation screen is used by the administrator to review and verify insurance data.

Provider Billing

A Billing Screen is used by providers on a daily basis to assign CPT4 and ICD9 codes to patients. It contains various filters so providers can look up patients from their assigned list or from the general inpatient list.  This screen also has a link to the Emergency Room screen so that patients still in ER can be billed.  

A Billing Review screen is used by the administrator to review and verify the CPT4 codes submitted by the providers.


The Block Schedule screen assigns providers to blocks of time, usually corresponding to academic, financial or calendar months and a Daily Schedule screen assigns providers to shifts and teams on a daily basis.   This screen also tracks vacation times and national holidays.  

The Dashboard

We can produce a dashboard to display whatever measures the client selects, based on the data collected.  Examples might include the following:

 Hospital Data

Provider Data

 Case Data

  • Number of Admissions
  • Average LOS
  • ELOS
  • Total patient days
  • Denied Days
  • Excess days
  • Variance
  • CMI
  • Revenue
  • Hospital Cost
  • Number of charges
  • Total charges
  • Billing Revenue
  • RVU total
  • Contractual Adjustment
  • Charge Lag
  • Payment Lag
  • Coding Compliance
  • Charting Quality
  • Charge Capture
  • Admission Efficiency
  • % Male
  • % Elder
  • Readmissions
  • Outlier case
  • Teams per admission
  • Locations per admission
  • % time spent in ICU
  • Denied admissions
  • Disposition codes


Report Screens & Spreadsheets  

The daily Patient Report displays information from the patient reconciliation screen, sorted according to the userís preference.  A summary report is also available by team, provider and unit.  A more complex spreadsheet is also available.

The Attendings Report shows changes of attending provider for each patient.

The Care Coordinator Report shows insurance data on each patient, with space for handwritten information and checkboxes for estimated discharge date and time.

The daily Billing Reconciliation Report shows inpatients, with checkboxes for verifying insurance and billing data.  

The Insurance Report shows the top three FSCís for each patient.

Other reports we have developed include a Daily Summary Report, Provider Billing Reports, a Daily Schedule, Billing Analysis, Admissions Analysis, Inpatients, Attending Providers, Income Disbursements and Income Analysis.



The Patient Questionnaire screen can easily be customized by the client, using their own questions and answers.



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