Some of the projects our consultants have completed:

Hospital scheduling, billing and patient tracking system.

Capital accounting project management system.

Financial database system with web-based user interface.

Sales personnel tracking database with web-based user interface.

Database for processing information downloaded daily from a remote DB2 system, 
producing marketing and sales reports for emailing and printing.

Web-based system to handle freight shipments and EDP transactions, interfacing
with Logistix warehousing system and other mainframe applications running on a DB2 database.

Reporting system for sales organization with quotas and bonus calculations.

Corporate intranet with a custom-built content management system.

Extranet for the field sales force, providing forms, price lists, presentations,
bulletins, planograms, ad slicks, directories and a research and image library.  
Won an award for "significant IM innovation"

Web portal for GlaxoSmithKline, winning a major award from the Web Marketing Association.

Website to market the launch of a new asthma product for GlaxoSmithKline, with detailed medical animations in Flash and technical materials for Health Care Professionals.

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Website to promote correct use of an established allergy prevention product for GlaxoSmithKline, with a major e-CRM initiative.

Database to catalog and categorize 15,000 documents for the AICPA.

Intranet training site for marketing professionals at IBM - developing materials for online learning.

Website for IBM conference, with surveys, scheduling tools and a banner campaign. 

Lotus Notes web application to serve dynamic content for the IBM Euro Project.

Enterprise-wide computerized filing system for Los Angeles Metropolitan Water.

Import/export database for an aerospace business.

Database system to handle management of a multi-level marketing business.

Database for budgeting, contracts, inventory and purchasing for an interior design company in Beverly Hills.

Developed training courses for Advanced MS Access, Excel, Word, Windows and CorelDraw.

Setting application software standards across 500 desktops and 150 laptops.

Liaison between IT department and web design companies, involved with design, artwork, promotion, web banners and online advertising.


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